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:::Aphrodite’s Treasures:::

Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Eternal Youth. Depicted as an attractive young woman who dressed elegantly and loved to wear jewelery.  Aphrodite’s Treasures specializes in Japanese glass floats, sunrise jewelry, spinner rings, kantha blankets and much more.

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:::Hawaii Says Hi:::

HI. exclamation, informal.
1. Used as a friendly greeting.
2. The abbreviation of the state of Hawaii
A carefully curated shop loaded with Hawaii-made products.  follow @hawaiisayshi   



:::IVY & CO:::

The current collection includes headbands, boho wraps, baby soft blocks, bunting, garland, rag ropes, burp-cloths, mini-wash cloths, coasters, custom furniture, clothespins, tees & tanks.







Artisan Soap :::Lahala Hats and Accessories::: Made on Kaua’i

Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-3:30 AM and some Wednesdays

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:::LILY KOI:::

Look fantastic without spending a fortune!  pearls, leather, crystals, jade, agate – bracelets, necklaces, lariats, cuffs… all real stones and gems. Designed exclusively for Lily Koi.

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Featuring products made on island and goods from Kenya; all proceeds go to One Life to Give 501(c)(3) non-profit created by the Morgan family after an extended stay in Africa.


One Life To Give

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:::Ocean Paper:::


Featuring artwork, stationery, paper goods,  and handmade watercolor pigments by artist/designer Michelle Meneley.


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:::The Prickly Pineapple:::

Bringing the Wild West Western fashion trends to Hawaii with a little bit of Aloha







:::Robin McCoy’s Studio:::

Enjoy the scent of tropical flowers, the warm breeze from the ocean and the feeling of home, family & aloha when you step inside Robin’s Fine Arts Studio.










Artist studio & storefront featuring MACHINEMACHINE + GOOFY FOOT PRESS

Seeking to dress the world in happy and ethically made, non-sweatshop, human-centered garments,  Shannon Hiramoto creates clothing designed for maximum comfort without sacrificing style.  Her father Charlie also has a sweet printmaking studio inside (Goofy Foot Press) with two letterpresses and one etching press, on which he prints cards and tees with handset type and hand-carved blocks.

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